Sound Engineering 101 - March 18th & 19th


Sound Engineering 101 - March 18th & 19th


Engineering 101 is an intensive weekend workshop, geared towards
songwriters & producers who are recording and mixing music at home
that wish to learn more about the basics of engineering.

The workshop is designed to introduce and simplify the fundamentals of
microphone techniques, gain structure, routing, headphone mixes, tracking
tips, editing, mixing, as well as session set up and
file management.  

With these basic elements in place, you will quickly be able to get better
results at home without the frustration and obstacles that tend to hold up
and hinder the creative process.  

The workshop will be held at EMP Studios and is run by Lynne Earls (Studio Owner/Producer/Engineer).  We will be using protools, but the fundamentals being taught can be applied to any other recording software.

Sat March 18th - 2pm to 7pm
Microphone Types & Techniques
Basic Routing
Headphone Mixes
Gain Structure
Session Set up & Prep

Sun March 19th - 11am to 4pm
Practical Recording - Tracking Drums, Bass, Guitars, Keys & Vocals
File Management & Organisation

For more info please contact:

Phone: (323) 6839569

Refund will be offered with 48hrs notice via email:

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