PETER ASHER - Producer/Songwriter

Project - STEVE MARTIN & The Steep Canyon Rangers

“Only one project so far but there will definitely be more – Lynne did a brilliant job. Highly efficient without ever rushing; attentive, skilled and sympathetic in addressing each sonic detail; great ideas without ever seeming opinionated, and a perfect sense of where the session was heading and how to help me get it there. Both the artist (Steve Martin) and the band (The Steep Canyon Rangers) very much enjoyed the recording and were wholly delighted with the subsequent mix Lynne and I did together.” - Peter Asher

KD LANG - Artist

Albums - Watershed, Recollection, Sing It Loud

“Working with Lynne Earls is a brilliant combination of very relaxed and yet extremely expedient. A very focused, steady hand at the board……and a lightning fast editor.” – Kd Lang (Nonsuch)

LARRY KLEIN - Producer/Songwriter

Projects - Melody Gardot, Liz Wright, Luciana Souza, Billy Childs, JD Souther

“Lynne is a musical, facile and a super- conscientious engineer. A generous and sweet presence in the studio, it’s been a joy for me to work with her!” – Larry Klein (Producer)

LIZ WRIGHT - Artist/Songwriter

Album: Surrender

“Lynne is a unique presence of highly adaptable skill, relentless focus and grace.” – Lizz Wright (Concord)

LUCIANA SOUZA - Artist/Songwriter

Album: Speaking In Tongues

“Lynne has huge ears and is very in-tune with the music and what’s needed for each moment. She is fully present as an engineer, anticipating people’s needs and responding very efficiently to any situation while keeping everything relaxed and fluid. Lynne has a great vibe and loves music, which makes such a difference when you are tracking a fast record. I loved working with her!” – Luciana Souza (Sunnyside)

LEMAR - Artist/Songwriter

Album: The Letter

“I’ve been recording music professionally for 11 years now. I’ve been in hundreds of sessions, written and recorded with producers and writers at the very top of their game and have been fortunate enough to have released 6 studio albums. In that time I can count on one hand the amount of studio engineers that have had a lasting impression on me. Lynne Earls is in that number. Professional, friendly, fast and accurate. Not much more you could ask for.” – Lemar (IE Music UK)

BILLY CHILDS - Composer/Arranger

Album: Re-Imagining Laura Nero

“Lynne Earls is the definition of professionalism. She is an artist behind the board and truly creates a beautiful sonic environment. It also helps that she is one of the nicest people around. Whenever she works on a project of mine, I feel very comfortable because I know it will turn out great!” Billy Chiilds (Sony Masterworks)

JD SOUTHER - Artist/Songwriter

Album: Tenderness

“If I had my pick of engineers, and I do, I’d rather have Lynne Earls flying the desk than anyone.” – JD Souther (Sony Masterworks)